Campus Life

ISSU is located on the five-acre campus in the beauty and salubrious comfort of the Nilgiris. The campus is a microcosm of the Nilgiris – a three and a half acre tea garden, a variety of flowering trees and shrubs, and green lawns, made lively with music from the songbirds of the Nilgiris and the choirs that practice in the chapel. Situated in various parts of the campus are the staff quarters, the office, a Conference Centre, Chapel, Library, and a Conference room.


The Retreat Centre can accommodate single visitors, couples, families, or groups. The campus affords privacy for those who wish to be alone, and a community of friendly people if one wants the company of others. The setting is ideal for camps from churches, schools, and colleges.


The chapel on the campus can accommodate up to 150 people. Services are held in the chapel every Sunday at 10:00 a.m. for members of the community and the surrounding areas. Visitors to the campus are welcome to join in the services. Special services are open to the diverse communities of faith, as well as during special occasions in the community. In addition, the chapel is used for a variety of retreats and conferences throughout the year.


A specialist library of Christian education and books on theology and the Bible is an ideal resource for scholars who wish to spend a quiet retreat for study and research. The present library has 10,000+ books.


The campus is alive with learning and worship leading to the growth of people and communities. Visitors and staff enjoy the beauty of its surroundings each day.

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