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With the purpose of gaining familiarity with the broad scope of Kierkegaard’s thought, this course will explore a variety of Kierkegaard’s texts from his pseudonymous writings and his signed works. In addition to introducing the participants to a breadth of Kierkegaard’s writings, the seminar seeks to explore in some depth Kierkegaard’s contribution to the theology/philosophy interface.

The course spread across six seminars will be at an introductory level and does not require proficiency in philosophy. The format will follow lectures followed by discussions to provide opportunity for dialogical learning. The participants will be required to read select texts before each seminar.


The study of “Luther and The Book of Concord” is an analysis of the theology of Martin Luther based on The Book of Concord and other theological writings. The study will explore various theological tensions that arose between medieval thinkers and Lutheran reformers, which will enlighten us about the theological impact of the Reformation. The seminar will draw out implications for the congregation and responsible Christian living in the 21st century.

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